Uncategorized|January 26, 2019

Ten Rules on how to be a better camper whether in a $29 tent or a $1 million motorhome

1. Read the confirmation email.
Read it twice. Most – or all – of your questions will be answered in that email: check-in time, check-out time, hours of operation, the address of your destination and other rules.
2.  Try to arrive at the RV park before the park closes or before dark. It’s hard to navigate through a campground or RV park when there’s no light. You could hit trees, other RVs and things you shouldn’t. If you arrive during office hours, park staff can fully answer your questions, give you directions and you can set up before dark when it’s easier. This is better than disturbing your neighbors who might be sleeping.
3.  Don’t bring in outside firewood and put your campfire out by the designated time. Don’t bring firewood from outside; you could inadvertently be bringing in invasive insects like the Emerald Ash borer which can wipe out an entire species of ash tree. Please respect the fire rules and douse the campfire by the designated time. The fire rules are often in accordance with local by-laws and are designed to protect you and everyone else in the campground.
4.  Keep the noise down. Tents and RVs do not have much in the way of insulation. Noise carries. So even though you might want to hear the weather report at 6:00 a.m. or enjoy U2 at screeching decibels, not everyone else does. Often the rule is “no excessive noise at any time” which is a pretty good rule of thumb. Observe quiet time which is usually at 11:00 pm. 
5.  Don’t walk through other peoples’ sites. When people rent a campsite or RV site, it’s their personal space for the time they are there. Please don’t take a shortcut through their site.
6.  Take care of your dog.  Bowser doesn’t always want to be left alone. Keep the A/C on for him if you do go out. If your doggo barks, see if you can either take him with you or find a dog sitter at the park. Keep him on a lease and pick up after him.
7.  Leave your campsite clean. This is in the realm of “try to treat others as you’d like to be treated” so put your trash in the garbage cans or in the dumpster at the park. If there are recycling bins, it’s awesome if you use them.
8.  Help your neighbour. Sometimes it’s daunting when you are new to the RV game to back up a trailer and connect up to the utilities and then get hooked up again to your truck when you are leaving. This is a time when your expertise can really be appreciated.
9.  Follow the rules of the park. The rules are there to make everyone’s experience more enjoyable. 
10.  Try to disconnect from the Internet. You are camping. Enjoy the experience. Nap, read a book, relax, sit by the fire, eat s’mores.