Why is Campark a different camping experience than others?

Campark is a family owned and operated campground, for over two decades.  We are constantly looking for areas to improve and make your stay memorable and enjoyable.

How much will I save at Campark?

Campark has always offered to our customers that up to two children stay free for their rate.  If you stay for longer periods your savings continue.  Children 3 and under stay free also.  If you look at the rates of other competitors you will pay for every additional child and your original rate will be increased based on this.

What activities do you offer for our family around the campground?

We have supervised childrens activities most mornings throughout the summer, followed by daily shaded hayrides.  There is weekly Karaoke and dances with our famous DJ in the entertainment area every Saturday night.  We even offer special musical guests, which you can check with the store staff on exact dates. Most Sundays and separate nights we play awesome movies in the outdoor Theatre on the big screen.

For the kids there are offroad bikes and banana bikes to rent and cruise around in.  There are two large playgrounds, including a Tube Playcenter.  Next to that is the outdoor heated pool, large Splash Park and hot tub.  There is a Laser Tag and an Escape Room facility able to be booked separately.  Also there is a free fall Quick Jump which is a fun challenge for everyone.  We also have a large mini putt surrounded by lush gardens and a running water fall that cascades to a river and pond.  There is a snack and ice cream shack available on select days.  See our event calender or activities page for more details.

What should I bring camping?

Because camping is an outdoor experience, be prepared for any weather.  If you are tenting, double check your gear for all pegs, poles, sleeping bags, etc.  If the weather forecast calls for rain, feel free to bring any sheltering materials.  We have plenty of indoor areas.  In case you forget a supply you can grab it in our country store or a nearby service center.

What do I bring to cross the US border to Canada?

The main item needed for all travelers is a passport for your country, however the new enhanced license or ID from your local DMV can be obtained easily if you do not have a passport.

Check the Canadian border and customs website for more specfic details on goods being imported.

What should I bring if I am staying in a cabin?

For all cabins you should bring your own linen.  If you forget your linens, do not worry, we have some available for a small fee in the store.  The basic cabins are like a wooden tent and you will need to bring your own cooking materials and utensils, etc.  There are deluxe cabins and cabanas available that will have more features.  Check the details on the Campsite page or give us a call for any questions.  Pets are not allowed in the cabin or trailer rental units.

What policies do I need to know at Campark?

Campark is a family campground and lights out time is 11pm and the fires are out by midnight.  There is night watch to enforce this to make the camping experience ideal for everyone.  If you are bringing a dog, it must be on a leash and cleaned up after.  Please do not leave them unattended. Pets are not allowed in the cabins or any rental unit.

Our sites are based on a family of four and if you have a larger party, please let us know so we can service you with the appropriate site details.  There is a train that passes by every campground in Niagara Falls, including ours so please be aware of this and select your site location accordingly.  You must be over 25 to reserve a site and if you are planning on having a gathering or party, please give us the details so we can service you with the best area of the campground for this.  Any other details can be gotten from our staff.


Campark Resorts Rules – updated June 5, 2018

Campark Resorts prides itself as a family camping resort.  To help ensure a pleasant stay for all park patrons, the following rules and regulations have been adopted governing conduct within the park facilities.

  1. REGISTRATION:  All campers must register upon arrival.  All vehicles must display a Site/Visitation tag.  Please hang tag from rear view mirror and return to office upon checkout.  Guests must leave by 9pm. Non-registered guests will be considered trespassers.  One car per site.  Ask staff for additional parking.
  2. CAMP FIRES: All fires must be out by midnight 12am.   We do not allow outside wood. Please purchase your wood from the camp store.  All fires must be built in fire pits and never left unattended.  Keep them a reasonable height and keep water nearby to extinguish.  (Be aware that during times of drought the Fire Marshall may enforce a fire ban).
  3. QUIET TIME:  11pm-9am.  Children and teenagers must be on their own sites by 9pm. We are a family park and excessive noise will not be tolerated; this includes during non quiet times.
  5. One picnic table per site.  One fire pit per site.  Do not move tables from assigned site.  Do not move fire pits.
  6. TRAFFIC : Obey traffic signs within the park. Do not exceed the posted speed limits.  Do not block roads.  Cars blocking laneways and empty sites are at risk of being towed.
  7. FIREWORKS ARE PROHIBITED.  No exceptions. No lethal weapons of any kind allowed in park.
  8. SECURITY:  Management lives on site and there are security guards on duty nightly during the ON/HIGH season.  Call 911 for emergencies.   Public areas are monitored by Video Surveillance.
  9. SWIMMING is at your own risk during posted hours.  Do not swim alone.  Read health regulation signs and rules before entering the pool area.   No one under 16 in the hot tub.
  10. PLAYGROUNDS:  Use at your own risk.   Do not leave children unattended.  All rules must be followed.  You are liable for any damage caused by minors in your care.  Bouncy pillow may not be suitable for children under 4 years old, parents use discretion.  Read all posted signs before entering enclosed play areas.
  11. WASHING:  Laundry and dish washing facilities are located in the main washroom building. NO CLOTHESLINES as empty clotheslines pose a safety risk to workers and patrons.
  12. ALCOHOL is not prohibited near or in common areas of the park.
  13. SMOKING: The camper hereby acknowledges that the smoking or vaping of cannabis (medical or recreational) is prohibited in the park in accordance with applicable provincial laws as all areas within the park are within 20 feet of playgrounds and/or common areas used by children.
  14. PETS : Dogs entering the park must be friendly and under control.  Must be kept on a leash at all times (10 feet max length). Clean up after your pet and do not leave them unattended at your tent site.  Pets left in RVs must have air conditioning and not create noise as to bother other campers.  No pets in any of our rental units – this is strictly enforced and you may be asked to leave with no refund.  

Keep your campsite clean and in an orderly manner.  Leave it neat for the next campers.  Garbage cans can be found throughout the park.  Do not walk through sites, be courteous to your neighbors.  Do not cut trees or shrubs or disfigure Campark property.  Violators will be charged for the damage. Management reserves the right to evict immediately, without refund, any person or persons who:   violate any of the rules, uses excessive profane language, exhibits public intoxication, or conducts themselves in a manner as may be injurious to others