10 Health Benefits Associated With Camping

10 Health Benefits Associated With Camping


Going camping is always an exciting time, but did you know it’s also good for your health? From burning extra calories to refreshing your soul, there are many reasons camping is good for the mind and body. Usually, this is an opportunity for you to take days off of work so that you can enjoy some peace out in nature where you can engage in activities such as making a fire, pitching a tent, sleeping beneath the stars, making S’mores and so on.

Health Benefits of Camping

Below, we are going to break down 10 different health benefits of camping.

1. Take Time to Relax

When you are stressed out from the many different tasks you handle on a daily basis, your mental state starts to deteriorate. Camping naturally gives you time to unwind and reconnect back with yourself. To further promote these benefits, spend some time doing things such as yoga and meditation, which have been demonstrated to provide their own health benefits, especially when practiced out in nature.

2. Burn Some Extra Fat

When you go camping, you will naturally have to exercise a little bit more. This is done through activities such as hiking, running, fishing, hunting, or whatever your individual forte is. In any case, camping is a great opportunity to burn some extra calories.

3. Fresh Air

Getting out of the city has the immediate benefit of receiving fresher air, free from toxic pollutants. The urban atmosphere tends to produce a lot of pollution that can be very detrimental to your health.

4. Less Screen Time

One of the major vices of the modern world is having quick access to the internet with things like your smartphone and laptop. Both of these things make it a lot easier to disconnect with yourself and instead focus on the lives of others. When you go camping, it’s easier to turn these devices off and live in the now.

5. Eat Old-Fashioned Healthy Food

Many people who go camping also tend to do things like fishing and hunting. Eating food straight from nature makes it a lot easier to stay healthy with your dietary choices while camping!

6. Reset Your Circadian Rhythm

When you are at home in civilization, there are artificial lights everywhere. These lights impact your circadian rhythm and keep many people up late into the night. When you go camping for a week or so, it has been shown to help you reset your natural sleep patterns.

7. More Time to Contemplate Changes in Your Life

Along with the extra time for things such as being social and soaking up the tranquility of nature, camping also provides you with the time to contemplate broader changes in your life. These can be health-related things such as dietary and exercise choices.

8. Social Time

Social time is a great way to relax and unwind while learning some things about yourself. Spending time with good company can do wonders for your mental health. There is a certain satisfaction that you receive by engaging with people who support and love you.

9. Increase Vitamin D Levels

Being in the sun causes your skin to produce more vitamin D. Doing so comes with many health benefits. This can include prevention of things like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and so on. Having more vitamin D from extra sunlight can assist with many different things.

10. You Can Still Access all Necessary Amenities

Many people think that camping requires a lot of stamina or sacrifice. In reality, you can still access all the modern amenities that you depend on while enjoying the great outdoors. Especially when you camp at a place such as Campark Resorts by Niagara Falls – we even have cabins with all your favorite comforts from home.