7 Places to Score the Best Views of Niagara Falls from Canada

7 Places to Score the Best Views of Niagara Falls from Canada

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Niagara Falls will take your breath away – it is a beautiful sight to see, as well as hear. There are certain spots that offer the most incredible views of the Falls, and if you’re making a trip to the area it’s good to know where these places are.

Some viewpoints are free of charge while others cost money to access. We recommend checking out the Falls from as many vantage points as you can, as they all have something a little different to offer.

Where to See The Falls – 7 Incredible Locations

1. Table Rock Welcome Center

The Table Rock Welcome Center lets you get super close to Horseshoe Falls. If you’re driving, you can take a pit stop in the Falls Parking Lot. You’ll be charged a fee to park here but it’s one of the most convenient spots to check out Niagara Falls up close.

After you’ve parked your car, go to the outside promenade by the Table Rock Welcome Center. This will put you within meters of the edge of Horseshoe Falls.

You may notice some people disregarding the signs and ropes and dangling their feet over the edge – we don’t recommend doing so! This only puts your life at risk, it’s not worth it.

2. Journey Behind the Falls

This is an awesome experience if you want to see the Falls from near the base, instead of from the top down. The underground tunnels descend down from the Table Rock Welcome Center. Tickets run around $20CAD and you can purchase them on-site. You can wander through the tunnels at your own leisure. Make sure to peek out over the Observation Platform – get ready for a little spray!

3. Take a Helicopter Ride

Hands down, a helicopter ride is going to offer the best views of the Falls. Plus, who doesn’t want to go up in a helicopter – it’s just fun! Some tours only last 12 minutes or so, but you’ll be soaking up all the fun during that short burst of time. Many flights follow the direct path over the Canada and US border, which means you get to see all three Falls (Horseshoe Falls, America Falls, Bridal Veil Falls), as well as Niagara Rapids, Rainbow Bridge and the Whirlpool.

4. Have Dinner in the Skylon Tower

The Skylon Tower is a massive observation deck and restaurant – you can enjoy a meal here (the restaurant is located in a revolving room with astonishing views), or simply visit the observation deck. It’s more affordable to go at lunch time, with lunch entrees starting at around $21 per person and dinner entrees starting closer to $41. Both options offer a straight shot view down into Horseshoe Falls.

If you’re heading to the observation deck, you may notice long elevator lines when you get there, but they tend to move pretty fast – and it’s totally worth the wait. Plus, if the weather is rainy or not so great, it’s an excellent option because they have an indoor and outdoor area.

5. The Rainbow Room

The Rainbow Room is another restaurant with breathtaking views of the Falls. With floor to ceiling windows, just about every seat in the house offers a feast for your eyes – and taste buds.

6. Take a Cruise on the Hornblower Niagara

Hornblower Niagara cruises offer an ideal way to view the Falls from in the water. Bring a poncho along with you because this boat will put you in the splash zone.

7. Niagara Falls State Park

If you’ve got your passport handy, you can travel back and forth across the border to check out the Falls on the American side of the border. A great place to do so is at Niagara Falls State Park. The park is free to enter and open to the public. Plus, it boasts unobstructed views of the American Falls. The views aren’t quite as large on the American side, but you can get closer to the Falls. Plus, you’ll get a pretty view of the city skyline in Canada.

While you’re here, check out the Niagara Falls Observation Tower. It stretches over the Niagara River and is accessible from the park. It’ll make you feel like you’re flying over the beautiful rushing water.

After you’ve soaked up all of the views – come sleep beneath the stars at Campark!