Common Items Forgotten on Camping Trips

Common Items Forgotten on Camping Trips

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Camping trips take weeks of preparation. Lists are common to make, and campers ensure to double-check them before taking off. You might feel confident that you have everything you need written down and packed, but then you arrive at the campsite to realize you missed an item or two. Perhaps they are items that you never considered. Common oversights can result in peaceful camping trips being disrupted. To ensure you do not forget anything, create your list weeks in advance and ensure the following items are on there.


A moreover obvious item to throw on the list is water. However, you might be surprised at how often the amount of water needed is overlooked. Most campers remember water for drinking, but what about cooking, brewing coffee and tea, cleaning, or even bathing? Without enough water to cook or even prepare morning coffee, will your trip be as restful as you assumed? While it might be easy to work around and sacrifice a cup of coffee over, lacking water can make a trip more difficult. Coming prepared with a large supply of water can avoid the hassle.


Of course, you will remember the main food for eating, but how about snacks? Packing a few camp favorites like trail mix, granola bars, and dried fruits are good snack options to consider. Snacks are important for long days away from the main campsite or perhaps while waiting for food to be made. Lastly, snacks are important when regular food is temporarily not.

Wash Basin

If you are tent camping, you will not have access to plumbing. Therefore, washbasins will come in handy. Washbasins allow for dishes and clothes to be washed while at a campsite with no running water. Conserving water at a campsite is imperative, so you will be happy you brought it with you. Along with a washbasin, perhaps bring clotheslines and pins, especially if you are on an extended trip. Outdoors, wet clothes can dry easily while hanging from a line that is attached to a tree.

Cutting Board

Depending on what you are cooking, a cutting board is always a good idea. Keep in mind there is not necessarily a lot of areas where you can put food that is to be prepared. Cutting boards are commonly forgotten but are great to have in case you need it.

First Aid Kit

It is safe to safe that accidents can happen anytime, even minor ones. Whether you are in an RV, cabin, or next, having a first aid kid ready to use is essential. First aid kids should have anything you would need if you get a cut, scrape, bug bite, poison ivy, blister, etc. While you can go the route of making your first aid kit, you can also purchase already made ones.

Repair Kits

You never know if you are going to come across issues with your equipment. Perhaps you tested out the tent and cooking supplies before you left the house, but accidents happen. When camping, you do not want to find yourself having to sleep on rocky platforms because the inner tube of your air mattress deflated. Having a repair kit handy can avoid these issues and make repairs quick and easy.


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