Must See Sights in Niagara Falls This Summer

Must See Sights in Niagara Falls This Summer

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If you are traveling to Niagara Falls this summer, there are lots of must-see sights to visit and enjoy while you make memories with family. For those hoping to have a budget friendly yet memorable holiday, Niagara Falls is the perfect location! With so much to do and see, and so many free attractions in the area, families are sure to enjoy all that the region has to offer. Let’s explore some of the must-see sights and must-do activities for you to explore while visiting Niagara Falls. 

The World Renowned Niagara Falls

Whether you are on the United States side of the Falls or the Canada side of the falls, the observation points promise awe-inspiring views, picnic spots, and hiking areas to enjoy. On the American side, explore Niagara Falls State Park and on the Canadian side, Queen Victoria Park is waiting to be discovered. At Queen Victoria Park, visitors will be amazed by breathtaking views year-round but summertime visitors also get to enjoy the dazzling lights and incredible fireworks displays. The park features the Niagara Gorge, Escarpment, and River, where you and your family can enjoy a picnic or stroll among local flora in carpet beds, stone gardens, and the not-to-miss rose garden. 

Deep in the Niagara Gorge – Explore Niagara Glen

When your family is ready to get in on the action, take a hike through the rugged nature trails or enjoy rock climbing at Niagara Glen. Niagara Glen is seated deep in the Gorge and offers visitors a chance to explore the flora and fauna of its Carolinian Forest and the unique prehistoric rock formations. Niagara Glen overlooks Niagara River rapids and the famous Niagara River Whirlpool. As you hike the Glen, you and your family can also visit Lockport Limestone Rock, Wintergreen, Foster’s Flats, Wilson Terrace, and more! You won’t be disappointed with all there is to see at Niagara Glen!  

Biking the Niagara Parkway

For the family who loves adventure and must-see sights, biking the Niagara Parkway is perfect! Known historically as the Niagara Road, this scenic route is 55 km long. It begins meandering along the Niagara River at Fort Erie and the trek ends at Niagara-on-the-Lake. Along the trail, you and your family can explore historic areas, visit picturesque gardens, stop for a picnic, go sightseeing, take a hike, or even try bouldering!  

Discover Dufferin Islands

Dufferin Islands features 10 acres of pristine space waiting to be explored. The secluded paradise is a maze of tiny islands joined by bridges and footpaths and home to birds, fish, and beautiful local flora. Families can enjoy picnicking and bird feeding as they enjoy the sights and sounds unique to Dufferin Islands. 

Have an Adventure in Clifton Hill

No family trip to Niagara Falls would be complete with a stop in Clifton Hill, “The World Famous Street of Fun by the Falls!” Overflowing with attractions, sights, and activities to enjoy, Clifton Hill boasts entertainment venues, breathtaking attractions, and delicious restaurants and eateries. Dubbed downtown Niagara Falls, Clifton Hill is ideally located beside Queen Victoria Park, only a block from the Horseshoe Falls. Exploring the area promises to be lots of fun with live music, fireworks, and more! Plus families can enjoy a friendly round of mini-golf or a race along the Niagara Speedway. Not to miss in Clifton Hill is the Niagara SkyWheel which takes you 175 feet above the Falls!

Whatever your family enjoys, there is something for everyone to see and do in and around Niagara Falls during your visit! If you are looking for a great place to stay during your visit, Campark offers affordable RV sites, tent sites, and rustic cabins, perfect for even more family fun.