Planning Your Weekend Hiking Trip

Planning Your Weekend Hiking Trip

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Hiking trips are a fun family-friendly getaway. Exploring the great outdoors is the perfect relief of everyday stress. Being immersed in nature is a refreshing way to get a break from the everyday noise. Whether you are a hiking expert or not, there is never a bad time to start. When it comes to hiking, there is no need for previous experience or gear for most trails. Keeping an open mind for adventure is all that is required. Taking a dive into the fresh air can assist in a relaxing time away. Before you get going, consider the following tips:

Know Your Path

Where do you want to begin? Perhaps you have heard of a few hiking trails around town, or maybe you are heading out of state for a grand first adventure. Wherever you choose to go, ensure that you map out your route closely. Being able to analyze the trail you will venture on will assist in preparing what to expect. Will there be inclines? How many miles is the trail? How long is the trail expected to take you to complete? These are all factors to heavily consider when planning out your big adventure. Letting others know where you are heading too is also a good idea, even if you are with more than a few people.

Choosing the Right Clothing

The shoes you choose to wear will make the difference between comfort and pain. Some might choose to pick a shoe type simply because they like the style. However, will the shoe feel okay on your feet after an hour of hiking? If not, choose sensible shoewear over fashionable. For flatland hiking, running shoes are ideal. But for more extensive hiking trips that are rocky, high top hiking shoes can help protect your ankles. Before heading off on your trip, wear your shoes around for a few days to get them broken into and avoid dealing with unwanted blisters. When choosing the best clothes to wear, ensure you check the weather to know what to expect. While the weather may say sunshine all day, it can often be unpredictable, especially in higher elevations. Pack layers in case it gets chilly. Layers are great since they can be removed if needed.

Know Your Limits

Hiking is an exciting adventure, especially if it is yours or your loved ones for the first time. When choosing a hiking trail, ensure that everyone is able to complete it. As mentioned, it is essential to pay attention to trails and their accessibility and difficulty. Know the limits of yourself and those you travel with. Will they be able to make it to the end? Keep in mind elevation is common even if it might not be clear on the map.

Pack Light

Preparing for camping is imperative. However, it is common to overpack on the first attempt. Too heavy of a backpack can be dreadful to carry on hikes that go on for miles. Pack lightly with essentials only. Perhaps purchase travel-sized items such as sunscreen to lower the weight. Do not forget your flashlight, matches, snacks, pocket knife, and a small first aid kit.

Finding the Best Campground for Weekend Hiking Trips

When spending a weekend away for hiking, it is essential to have an accessible place to stay. At Campark in Niagara Falls, Canada, hikers can spend the weekend at tent sites, cabins, and RV sites. Campark is accessible to hiking trails in the area. Kid-friendly, children can enjoy the playgrounds and splash pads at the camping site. Enjoy your hiking trip away at Campark. For more information, contact Campark today.