Preparing for a Summer Camping Trip

Preparing for a Summer Camping Trip

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Vacation season has officially arrived. If you plan on going camping this summer, it is time to secure your campsite before they are all booked up. If you already have your site booked and ready for your arrival, then it is time to get prepared. Campark Resorts in Canada can assist in offering tips on how to prepare for your summer camping trip. At Campark in Niagara Falls, there are a variety of camping options to choose from. Whether you prefer tent camping, RV camping, or cabin camping, Campark offers different ways for you to enjoy your camping experience.

Plan Activities

Planning your camping itinerary can assist in being prepared with what to pack for your trip. There are plenty of outdoor activities to consider, such as hiking, biking, river rafting, fishing, running, and more. Other activities can include bonfires and stargazing. Know what activities you would like to do beforehand to avoid not having any needed materials.

Pack Efficient Camping Gear

Know what camping gear you have a week or two before your trip. Camping trips require a lot of gear. Ensuring you have everything you need can avoid the last-minute drive to the sporting goods store for a tent or fishing pole. Checking your material to ensure it is in top shape is also beneficial. The last thing you want is to show up to your tent site with a broken tent.

If you intend to grill your food or tend to use multiple camping propane on trips, check to ensure your equipment is functioning correctly. Inspect your fuel tanks to ensure they are full and ready to use. If you are camping in an RV, ensuring your tank is full of gas and is maintained can ensure a smooth ride. Test your gear out a few weeks before your trip to avoid any mishaps.

Pack the Right Clothing

When camping over summer, the thought of the temperature staying warm every day can lead to the packing of summer clothes only. The weather forecast might show sunshine and high heat all week long. However, do not forget it gets colder at night. Make sure to bring with you a nice warm jacket or sweater to put on when the sun goes down.

Camping can be unpredictable. Ensuring you also have an extra pair or two of shoes can prepare you for the unexpected. You might also want to add bug spray and sunscreen to your packing list to protect your skin.

First Aid Kit

While camping, no one wants injuries, however, minor injuries can happen here and there. From scraped knees to cuts, having a first aid kit on hand can ensure you are prepared for accidents. When it comes to bringing along a first aid kit, it is better to be prepared than not.

Creating a Camping Packing List

The best way to prepare for a camping trip is by creating a packing list. Writing out everything you need to do and pack for your trip can make the planning and unpacking process smooth. Prepare your list a month or two before it is time to take off. Planning can lead to more time to test your equipment and begin packing. From bug spray to propane, ensure you are ready to go for your big trip.

Campark in Niagara Falls, Canada

Stay at Campark for your next camping trip. The site is located only five kilometres from the Canadian Falls. Campark offers a variety of activities for all families to enjoy, including a pool, playground, and more. The campground also offers a local shuttle bus to transport guests to attractions. Call Campark today to secure your summer camping spot.