Preparing for Niagara Falls Camping This Summer

Preparing for Niagara Falls Camping This Summer

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There is no way you can get enough of Niagara Falls in a day. It may be the reason you have decided to go on a camping trip to enjoy the many wonders Niagara Falls has to offer and ensure nothing is left out. Lucky for you, there are lots of campgrounds on either side of the Waterfall, on both the Canadian and the U.S. side, which are both affordable and easily accessible. 

That said, if you are preparing for your camping trip and want to ensure everything goes according to plan, you want to remember these tips before heading out. The best part is the camping locations around Niagara Falls can easily accommodate all types of campers. So whether you prefer setting up your tent, camping on your RV, or staying inside a cozy cabin, many options await you. 

Get Your Travel Documents In Order

Niagara Falls spans the border between Canada and the United States, so if you are looking to explore both sides of this amazing spectacle, you should carry your passport with you. You can certainly enjoy either side without a passport, but if you want to go watch and see both sides of the famous Falls, you will need to take care of some extra travel documentation. 

Splurge For a Location With A View

Unless you are going during off season, you should definitely plan ahead and book a campsite well in advance. Nearby hotels and camping sites do tend to be fully-booked during peak season. By booking your camping space in advance you can also make sure you get the desired spot with all the right views and amenities. If you prefer to camp in a resort-like location, Campark has many options for you on the Canadian side. 

Plan Your Cell Phone and Mobile Data Needs in Advance

If you are planning to go to the Canadian side to explore the sites and camp, you will definitely need to activate some additional services in your phone plan. First things first, ensure that you have international roaming activated on your phone or buy a prepaid SIM that can help you stay connected with your family while you are on the Canadian side. 

A prepaid SIM might cost you more especially if you are planning to use the internet while camping, so ensure you are enabling essential services like roaming on your phone unless you want to get stranded without cell service. 

Convenience and Accessibility

Fortunately, both the Canadian and the U.S. side offer remarkable views and camping locations for anyone who wants to explore the flora and fauna of the Niagara Falls State park. The best time to visit is during the fall when it’s not too hot and humid, and there is enough water flow in the river to make your camping trips all the more exciting. The nearby lakes are also calmer during this time of the year, allowing for beach fun. 

Keep A Check On The Weather

While Niagara Falls offer incredible views and practical camping grounds, you do want to keep an eye on the weather and make sure you are not out when there could be unexpected showers or rainstorms. Look into the weather forecast for the days you are planning to spend near Niagara Falls so your holidays are both safe and enjoyable. 

Camping with your friends and family is fun when everything is laid out in front of you. But if you are the one making the arrangements, there are quite a few things to keep in mind. Lucky for you, we at Campark can help you plan your dream camping trip this year near Niagara Falls. Be it family-friendly camping locations, cabins, and lots of resort amenities, Campark can provide you with all you need to have a great camping experience near Niagara Falls.