RV vs Tent camping Which is The Best Family Camping Option

RV vs Tent camping: Which is The Best Family Camping Option?

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Camping is a fun and rewarding activity that you can do in various ways. Typically, besides renting out a cabin, the most common ways to go about it are pitching a tent or driving up in an RV at your desired location. While both serve options serve similar functionality by allowing you to stay out in the wilderness or at a campground, the two offer different experiences and diverge in significant ways. 

If you and your family are planning a camping trip and are not sure which option to go with, here is your guide to RV and tent camping to help you determine which one may suit your family’s needs best. 

Setting Up

When comparing the two modes of camping, ease of setup is often near the top of a family’s priorities when planning a trip. While many basic tents can be put together easily by one or two people, larger tents may take more time or an extra set of hands. Moreover, if you forget to bring a part or two, you may struggle to put the tent together.

By contrast, RVs may be a more expensive option if you do not already own one, but they can be a lot more convenient to set up. How you set it up depends on the model of the RV, but typically it may just be a matter of unhitching and putting down stabilizer jacks. With RVs, there is very little you will have to do beyond parking at your final destination! 


Cooking is another consideration when planning your camping trip. While roasting marshmallows and cooking over a campfire might sound like a lot of fun, it is also a lot of work – especially when cooking for a family. By camping in an RV instead, you have access to regular kitchen appliances that may take a little bit of the fun and authenticity out of the experience; in the end, it will lead to a more manageable experience and a quicker time cooking. 


Another thing to consider is temperature control. When you camp out in a tent, you cannot manage the temperature of the interior other than by piling on more blankets when it gets cold or removing layers if it is too warm. This can make things a bit of a hassle, especially if the temperature fluctuates or if anyone is sensitive to rough weather. 

By contrast, sleeping in an RV gives you access to a heater on a cold night or a cooler on a hot day. You can also prop up an awning beside it if you want to relax outside in the sun.


If you prefer comfort over an authentic outdoor experience, that is where an RV shines the most. While some tents are better built and more comfortable to sleep in than others, the truth is that nothing beats sleeping and camping out inside an RV if maximum comfort is at the top of your priority list. Whether that is having access to a full suite of kitchen appliances, a private bathroom, or being able to control the interior temperature, RVs are the most comfortable option for camping. 


Safety may not be something on your mind when planning a camping trip, but it is something to consider when choosing between sleeping in a tent or an RV. If you prefer to sleep in comfort, safe from other people or wild animals, RVs offer more security than staying inside a tent. Most tents only have a zipper for security, but you can lock an RV at night just like your home. 

Stay At A Campground 

Picking between a tent and an RV is only part of the equation. An important consideration when planning a camping trip is to choose a campground to stay in. At Campark Resorts campground, you have access to the resort’s suite of amenities while being only 5 kilometres (3 miles) away from the world-famous Niagara Falls. To learn more about our campgrounds or book a spot for the next season, contact our team today!