Spending the Holidays in Niagara Falls

Spending the Holidays in Niagara Falls

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Niagara Falls is a true expression of beauty and power by nature. It’s a renowned travel destination around the world. Also, it’s a type of natural phenomenon that you won’t miss on the bucket list of most travelers.  

Whether it’s an up-close view of the thundering waters from a cruise or an iconic bird’s eye view from the helicopter, there are plenty of activities for a holiday in Niagara Falls. And here are some of the ways of spending the holidays in Niagara Falls: 

Chasing Waterfalls

For an immersive tour of the fall, you can start with a walk to the base of the Falls. This is an intriguing but also thrilling experience you just can’t miss. For a more daring approach of getting an up-close view of the fall, a boat tour will do. 

Booking a trip with the cruise will take you to the base of the Falls. And from there, you can feel its crushing power as some of the water splits into vapor. But, irrespective of the route you choose to the base of the Falls, it’s all a wet affair. So, you must dress up and prepare to get wet. 

Imax Theatre 

Immerse yourself in the history of this fascinating site through IMAX theatre adventure. You will be able to relive some of the most sensational stories about Niagara Falls and the surrounding region. Interestingly, they are all true stories. 

Some of them will take you back to the days when thunder spirits were worshiped by the natives. Some are about the daring people who would challenge the rage of the fall. Speaking of that, there’s a show about a Great Blondin who walked over the river via tightrope. 


A day trip to this waterfall is a memorable one. But camping for a night or two close to Niagara Falls is an unforgettable experience. Camping provides you with a chance to connect with nature directly. 

The peace, and quiet during the nights are truly exceptional. What’s even better is choosing the best campsite. This will increase the number of interesting things to do and enhance your holiday experience further. 

Niagara Skywheel

Not everyone loves the thrill of a trip to the base of the Falls. And this is where Niagara Skywheel comes in. It provides a scenic view of the Falls with comfort. A trip through the Skywheel includes proper conditioning for a world-class trip across. 

Tons of Family Activities to explore

A holiday in Niagara Falls is a great vacation for everyone. Whether you are a family or an alone tourist, there are tons of activities to explore. Therefore, there’s no moment you will experience boredom when you arrive in this region. 

Starting with Clifton Hill, there are interesting activities to do in this area. From fine dining spots to entertainment venues, it’s a place for fun adventures. And this is one venue where kids will have the most memorable moments. 

When it comes to adults, you can sign up for a wine-tasting tour. And if you don’t like wine, you can take a tour of the famous microbreweries. Other places include a venture to the world-famous Botanical Gardens, going hiking, or enjoying a trail walk in nature. 

Final Take 

A holiday in Niagara Falls can create more than just memories. Whether it’s a thrilling venture to the base of the Falls, an up-close view from a chopper, or exploration of the countryside, it’s an experience to yearn for. But if you want a more personalized experience of the Falls, camping will do. 

It is the only time you can connect with nature by spending a significant time in it. From cabins to RV sites and tent sites, there are plenty of options for a personalized experience of the fall. Therefore, reserve a camping space with Campark for an astonishing holiday experience in Niagara Falls.