The Benefits of Visiting the Niagara Falls in the Winter

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There is no doubt Niagara Falls is awe-inspiring any time of year, but winter offers unique views you won’t see any other time. While most of the year, you can marvel at the powerful rushing waterfalls, winter is the only time you may catch a glimpse of the Falls frozen in time. If you can handle the colder temperatures of winter in Niagara Falls, Canada, you’ll enjoy the snow and ice stretching across the Falls. There is nothing quite so beautiful as shimmering sunlight dancing magically off the ice-laden Falls. It is true that some attractions are closed in winter, but you’ll enjoy the experience, nonetheless, as you view the falls without the crowds, in the tranquil quiet. Here the friendly team at Campark Resorts Niagara Falls shares all the benefits of visiting Niagara Falls, Canada in the winter.

Enjoy the Majestic Sights without the Crowds of Summer

Winter at Niagara Falls, Canada means frigid temperatures but fewer crowds, allowing you to take your time as you explore the incredible Falls. Niagara Falls, Canada experiences an influx of visitors and its biggest crowds in summer, so winter may just be the perfect time to have the place practically all to yourself, save the few fellow travelers, who like you, prefer to explore while the crowds are thin.

Lower Prices with Fewer Tourists

In the winter months, the crowds are low and so are the prices. Of course, viewing the famous Falls doesn’t cost a thing, you’ll plenty of available lodging at the best prices of the year. The areas regional hotels offer amazing deals in the winter, with some even offering the promise of an amazing view of the Falls. While these Falls-view rooms garner top dollar in the peak of summer tourist season, go down a bit in spring and fall – the off season, winter promises the lowest rates available and you get to experience the priceless Niagara Fall’s view.

Spectacular Views and Possibility of a Seeing the Frozen Falls

It’s true, the falls don’t often freeze completely, but the there are times when record-breaking temperatures mean you’ll get a glimpse of the famous Falls, fully frozen – a magnificent and unique sight for sure! Even if the Falls aren’t frozen completely when you visit, you’ll experience what many visitors never see, masses of snow, ice, and water coming together as one. Plus, while you’ll need to bundle up to experience the best views, you won’t have to challenge hoards sweaty, grumpy tourists for the best position from which to see Niagara Falls. A visit to Niagara Falls in winter also affords you the opportunity to see something completely different and avoid the crowds headed to warmer climates to pack our sun-soaked beaches. Plus, there is plenty to see in and around Niagara Falls in winter, with lots of activities to enjoy including one of the world’s largest butterfly conservatories and the 175-feet tall Niagara SkyWheel.

Opening Up Summertime Opportunities with the Money You Save

When you visit Niagara Falls, Canada in winter, you’ll save money, leveraging the advantages of lower than normal airfare, lodging deals, and rental car discounts. All that money you save, means you’ll likely have enough to take two trips this year. And who wouldn’t enjoy the opportunity for a wintertime getaway and a summer holiday each year. Visit Niagara Falls, Canada this year and take the money you saved and set it aside for a summertime adventure in another locale where you can enjoy the great outdoors and warm summertime temperatures, maybe while camping, hiking, and exploring the other areas of Canada.