The Campground with A Difference

The Campground with A Difference

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Camping has never been more exciting. Campark is located at the edge of the countryside of the spectacular Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. The beautiful landscape and historic landmark provide the best atmosphere for you to get in touch with nature and bond over the perfect view. Our campsite offers the safest camping experience for your family, from accommodation to fun activities. At Campark, we ensure that there is something for everyone, making it an educative adventure that is family-friendly. When planning for your holiday destination, Campark, Niagara Falls, Canada is the best choice for your family and friends. We provide the most invaluable camping experience without breaking the bank.

A Campground That’s Safe

Visiting Campark guarantees security as you participate in our hands-on activities, supervised by our qualified camp crew with experience in camping and safety measures. All the engaging activities offered in and around Niagara Falls attracts many families from Toronto, Ontario, and the USA. We make nature fun for both introverts and extroverts alike, with engaging activities for you and your family. Apart from the fun-filled events, we provide the best setting for your family to socialize and bond as you enjoy the mini-putt amid lush gardens.

Fun-Filled Family Activities

Campark offers supervised arts and crafts activities designed to engage your children on weekends all summer long. There is a bouncy pillow and other physically engaging activities such as laser tag, pedal bikes, and many more for sports lovers to enjoy. Whether you prefer land games or water games, we have play zones equipped to ensure you have fun.
We plan to make sure that the entire family has fun and the chance to reconnect and bond. Campark is surrounded by several local attractions that allow you and your loved ones to gain new experiences as you take in the breathtaking sites. The rich history of the land also offers intriguing and invaluable knowledge.

Nature and Technology

Most people believe that camping means you are detached from technology and the outside world. However, Campark has developed a way to merge technology and nature to enhance your camping experience. We provide Wi-Fi for all our campers so everyone can still go about your day to day activities while relaxing in the Niagara Falls natural environment.

This means you can attend any ongoing class or meeting, download videos and music or get in touch with your loved ones. The internet service gives all our campers a chance to get fast access to local folklore and history through apps and games that make history come alive.

Safe Comfortable Accommodation

Depending on your specifications, Campark has several accommodation solutions to cater for the needs of your family. We offer tent sites filled with modern equipment such as water and electricity equipped with picnic tables and fire rings for all who love the outdoors.

If you prefer indoor accommodation, we have basic and deluxe cabins furnished with beds, cable television, and air conditioning. They are cozy and feature private bathrooms as well as outdoor grills and picnic tables.

Your safety is our priority, with years of experience and a clean track record of safe and secure camping that guarantees you and your loved ones have the best time. If you haven’t yet made any holiday travel plans, book early with Campark to experience Ontario, Canada, like never before.

Contact Us for Booking

Make your reservations early to book a spot before the summer rush kicks in. You can visit our official website or call us at Campark, near Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Do not let the holidays be ordinary; join for a once in a lifetime camping experience and turn your family vacations into an inclusive family affair.