The Most Important Things You Never Want to Forget When You Go Camping at Niagara Falls

The Most Important Things You Never Want to Forget When You Go Camping at Niagara Falls

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Planning a camping trip at Niagara Falls? Make sure you don’t forget the essentials, like a sleeping bag, tent, warm clothes, and a flashlight!

Spending time outside in nature is like nothing else – it fuels the soul and brings peace back into our busy everyday lives. Yet, the one thing that can turn a dream camping vacation into a stressful situation is if you happen to forget some essentials.

Top 10 Camping Essentials

The top 10 camping essentials are:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Tent
  • Canteen and water filter
  • Fire starter
  • Pocket knife
  • Navigation tool
  • Rain jacket
  • Flashlight, headlamp
  • Toilet paper

Of course, the type of camping you plan to do will influence the most essential items you need to bring. For instance, if you are camping in an RV it’s not important to remember your tent or sleeping bag. Although, you’ll still want to remember your first-aid kit!

If you are camping at a campground that offers bathrooms, water fountains, firewood and fire pits, along with other modern conveniences, you won’t have to worry so much about stocking your bag with so much stuff.

Camping at Niagara Falls: Important Things to Remember When Camping in a Tent at Campark

#1. The Tent

The number one thing you need when you go tent camping is a tent! After all, this is your form of protection from the elements. There are many different aspects of your tent that may help make you more comfortable such as a way to lift the tent off the ground – which is ideal if the ground is rocky or wet. In addition, you’ll also need tent poles, rope, stakes and a rain fly to ensure your tent goes up and stays up, all while keeping you warm and dry.

#2. Sleeping Bag + Blankets

Your sleeping bag is the second most essential item for tent camping. It’ll keep you warm when temperatures dip at night. A sleeping bag can also offer another layer of protection against bugs that tend to be more active at night.

You’ll also want to remember blankets because a sleeping bag alone may not be enough to keep you warm. Plus, it’s nice to cuddle up in a blanket while sitting outside around the fire on a chilly night.

Want to be more comfortable? We recommend bringing along an air mattress or sleeping pad.

#3. Layered Clothing

You never know what the weather is going to do, and temperatures will fluctuate throughout the day and night. Layered clothing is ideal for camping because it ensures you can always add or take off layers to remain comfortable. Warm rainproof clothing is important too, in case it happens to rain during your camping trip.

You’ll want to bring different types of shoes as well – you may want to wear sandals around camp, but you’ll need a good pair of hiking shoes when you venture out onto the trails.

#4. First-Aid Kit

Your first-aid kit is for more than just emergencies. For instance, it should include things you’ll for-sure use like sunscreen. It should also include all of your daily hygiene needs, along with any medications you take or may need – for instance, let’s say you develop a headache and need some Tylenol. After a long day of hiking, you may develop blisters, so a good first-aid kit will include band-aids and the right stuff to clean up cuts or scrapes.

Other important things to pack in your first-aid kit include insect repellent, an emergency whistle, adhesive, scissors, gauze and soap.

#5. Camping Chairs

While there is a picnic table to sit on at Campark, you won’t always find a chair in the exact spot you want to sit while camping outdoors. Bringing some compact foldable chairs is a great way to ensure you always have a spot to sit and chill out.

#6. Air-tight Containers & a High-performance Cooler

Keep your food stored away in air-tight containers to prevent any unwanted animals from sneaking into your goods during the night. A high-performance cooler is another excellent accessory that can keep your food cool for up to three days after it is opened.

Camping at Campark

When camping at Campark there are many things you don’t have to worry about – for one, we have bathrooms and showers on site, as well as other creature comforts from home. That means you can reduce your packing load and get ready to have a great time, enjoying all of the perks of camping without some of the common drawbacks. Plus, you can always ‘glamp it’ in one of our camping cabins.  Learn more about the different ways to stay at Campark!