Tips on Planning a Camping Trip to Niagara Falls

Tips on Planning a Camping Trip to Niagara Falls

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Can’t get enough of Niagara Falls with a day trip? Well, camping in this venue will wow you and create lasting memories. Camping on either the Canadian or the US side is affordable. And it’s all due to the endless options of a campground. 

That said, if you’re searching for a strategic camping location, well, options await you. The best part is that the camping venues accommodate all types of campers. Thus, whether you love pitching tents, camping on RVs, or staying in a cabin, there’s something for you.

Tips on Planning a Camping Trip to Niagara Falls

  •     Prepare your Travel Documents

Niagara Falls is at the border of two countries, the US and Canada. Therefore, having your passport will help you explore both sides for a complete camping experience. However, if you don’t have your passport, you can plan accordingly. 

  •     Reaching there by Air

On the Canada side, the closest airport to this waterfall is Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. From this airport, you can drive to the Falls in two hours. Alternatively, you can use air travel to quickly reach Niagara Falls in less than 12 minutes to Niagara District Airport. From Toronto, other means of travel include the train and the bus. 

  •     Driving to Niagara Falls

To reach Niagara Falls for a camping experience, you can traveling by car to either side of the border. For instance, if you’re traveling from Toronto to the Falls by car, you’ll spend nearly two hours on the road to get to Niagara Falls, Ontario. Those from the US side can also get to Niagara Falls, Ontario via highway from Buffalo, NY. Buffalo is about a half an hour away. 

  •     Choose a location

Unless you’re visiting this location during the low season, it’s important to plan and book a campsite well in advance. Campsites book up quickly. However, the hundreds of campgrounds in Ontario given you lots of options for camping and RV travel. Campark Resorts offers a great destination in a resort-like location. 

  •     Accessibility

You need to pick a campground/RV park that is close to Niagara Falls. Remember, it’s the main reason why you’re in that location. You can enjoy the attractions at The Falls and be back at the campground for the evening. 

  •     What’s the weather?

While Niagara Falls has beautiful scenic views, inclement weather can ruin your holiday. The best time to visit The Falls is between May and September when the average temperature is warm and there is less likelihood of rain. Local lakes are calmer allowing for beach days on the two lakes near the Falls and closer exploration of the Falls.  

  •     Outdoor entertainment 

Choose a campground that has lots to do for kids like movie night and campfires. Campark has haywagon rides, karaoke, kids’ crafts, heated swimming pool, a giant bouncy pillow, axe throwing and more. 

Getting Started 

A great camping experience depends on the location you choose. Campark has everything you need for a fun and memorable vacation. There’s lots to do at the park and many attractions near the Falls. If you want to book a reservation, you can go online and book now. Just visit Campark and click on BOOK NOW.  And in case you want to check rates, it’s also available on their official site