What to Bring When Camping Near Niagara Falls

What to Bring When Camping Near Niagara Falls

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From a sleeping bag to layered pajamas, there are certain items you don’t want to forget when camping near Niagara Falls. We’ve also included items you don’t want to forget when visiting the Falls.

Camping near Niagara Falls offers a uniquely exciting opportunity to soak up all of the beautiful nature this region has to offer. Camping is the perfect pairing to witnessing one of the world’s greatest natural wonders.

What Style Camping Do You Want to Do?

First and foremost, you’ll need to decide what style camping you are going to do. You could camp in a tent or an RV or rent a cabin at Campark’s campground. Keep in mind, the things you need to bring when camping near Niagara Falls will vary depending on the style of camping you plan to partake in.

The time of year that you decide to visit the Falls may also help predict the best style of camping. For instance, while the winter is less crowded and offers unique views of the Falls surrounded by ice mountains stretching 100 feet tall, it might be a little cold for tent camping (particularly the months of November through March, when temperatures in the area are at their lowest). Renting a cabin or camping in an RV will offer more comfort in the winter.

In addition, there are two different styles of campgrounds. State-owned parks and privately-owned campgrounds such as Campark. Privately owned campgrounds offer more in terms of family activities, comfort amenities, recreational offerings and daily events. On the other hand, state-owned parks are more bare-bones with fewer amenities and a do-it-yourself take on finding things to do.

Things to Bring When Tent Camping Near Niagara Falls

Here are some items more specific to camping than traveling to Niagara Falls. Important things you don’t want to forget when camping include:

  • Your tent, along with a mallet to secure the stakes in the ground
  • Sunshade or tarp
  • Plenty of warm blankets- You can always push them aside, but they are nice to have in case it gets chilly at night.
  • Layers of clothing- bring clothing that is easy to layer so that you can dress accordingly any time of day.
  • Bug spray
  • Sleeping bags
  • Light air mattress or sleeping pads for extra comfort
  • Travel pillows
  • Toiletries and basic medical supplies

Things to Bring When Visiting Niagara Falls

There are certain items you don’t want to forget when traveling to Niagara Falls. Keeping the following items on hand will leave you far more prepared to soak up this awesome experience.

  • A Camera

You will absolutely want a camera to capture the breathtaking beauty that is Niagara Falls. If you don’t want to bother asking strangers to snap a pic of you and your loved ones, consider bringing along a selfie stick or tripod of some sort.

  • Your Passport

If you plan to visit both sides of the Falls, the American and the Canadian side, make sure to bring your passport. You’ll need it to cross the border both ways.

  • Bring Cash & Card

Come prepared with both cash and credit cards. A rule of thumb when traveling is to never carry too much cash or else you become a liability! Instead, carry as much cash as you think you’ll need and use your card for everything else.

  • A Small Comb

You may want to pack a comb that is small enough to fit in your purse because the winds around the Falls can really blow some knots in your hair!

  • Water Bottle

Bring a refillable water bottle so that you avoid paying sky-high prices for the water bottles sold around the Falls.

  • Comfortable Shoes

You’ll do a good deal of walking – you may also want to consider wearing shoes that are still comfortable if they get wet.

  • Sunscreen

Don’t forget to protect your skin! Due to the windy conditions near the Falls people often fail to realize the intensity of the sun.

  • Lightweight Backpack

Bring a comfortable and lightweight backpack to carry all of your goods in.

  • Small Foldable Umbrella

The weather can be a bit unpredictable, so come prepared for bursts of showers with a lightweight and foldable umbrella.