Why You Should Visit Niagara Falls During Winter

Why You Should Visit Niagara Falls During Winter

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Niagara Falls, Canada, in winter, is a unique not-to-miss experience. Home to the world famous Falls, Niagara Falls, Canada is among the most visited location in the world. The majestic beauty and power of the falls beckons visitors to the breathtaking views. While summer is prime tourist time at the Falls, winter offers a unique view not available in the summer months amid hordes of tourists. In fact, the Falls are magnificent any time of year, but when visiting in winter, you should prepare to be dazzled, especially if you are fortunate enough to see the frozen Falls! Campark Resorts, your home away from home in Niagara Falls, Canada, offers these reasons to visit Niagara Falls during winter.

Niagara Falls Frozen

While the power of the Falls is the predominant viewpoint in summer, in winter, the frozen Falls offer a completely different point of view. While the Falls rarely freeze in its entirety, sections of the Falls do become completely frozen complete with a cool, enveloping mist which surrounds you and the Falls. As ice and snow cover parts of the Falls and the Niagara River below, you can still see the power of the flowing Falls and River. To see Niagara Falls frozen or at least partially frozen, you will need to plan your trip to coincide with winters days of freezing, frigid weather. After days of freezing temperatures, Niagara Falls begins to freeze, as large pieces of ice flow over the Falls. Even when frozen, the power of the water, flowing over the Falls is always evident.

No Crowds, Lower Costs

The magic of a winter visit to Niagara Falls is also evidenced in the lack of crowds and the lower costs. In winter, you wont have to battle others or wait for the perfect viewing location to open up. In fact, youll likely encounter only a few bundled up souls, who like yourself, long for the unique beauty of the Falls in winter. Plus, if you plan to stay a few days, youll find accommodations less costly, and parking spots in abundance.

Preparing for Winter Weather 

As mentioned, bundling up is a prerequisite for visiting Niagara Falls, Canada in winter. With cold temperatures and the continual mist of the Falls, youll want to don gloves or mittens, a scarf and hat, as well as your warmest winter coat. As in any cold climate, layering your clothing is the best preparation. As you take your leisurely winter walk by the Falls, you can explore the shops and enjoy a hot beverage if you get cold.

Is There Anything Else to Do in Niagara Falls in Winter?

Obviously, when visiting Niagara Falls in winter, your prime destination is the Falls, but there is much to do when youve finished viewing the majestic Falls. Now, it is true that some Niagara Falls attractions close in the winter, others remain open all year long. Journey Behind the Falls is one of those attractions, and promises to give you a completely different view of Horseshoe Falls. This tour takes you through tunnels more than a century old to explore the power of the Falls and allows you to emerge on an observation deck right beside the Canadian Falls.

For an indoor attraction to keep you warm, the Niagara Falls Butterfly Conservatory is not-to-miss! Youll enjoy the tropical climate, as well as the vibrant butterflies flitting around you. This lavish indoor garden boasts tropical greenery and lots of photo opportunities. Fallsview Casino is another fun indoor venue to enjoy. Try your hand at the slots, roulette, or the poker tables or take photos at the colorful and funky fountain in the lobby. 

Skylon Tower offers a distinctive aerial view of the Falls, while you enjoy a delectable dinner in the revolving restaurant. The experience is worth the price, as admission to the observation deck is included along with the glass elevator ride.