6 Benefits of Camping Near Niagara Falls vs Staying in a Hotel

6 Benefits of Camping Near Niagara Falls vs Staying in a Hotel

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While it’s always fun to stay in a hotel, nothing compares to camping – especially when you go camping near Niagara Falls. Here you’ll find the most beautiful sights Mother Nature has to offer. No matter how fancy a hotel may be, or how plush that mattress, there’s nothing that compares to the feeling of sleeping beneath the stars.

At Campark, we welcome you to enjoy the benefits of camping near Niagara Falls – pick between tent or RV camping. Prefer to glamp it? We offer cabins for rent as well!

Six Benefits to Camping Near Niagara Falls

1. There Are Health Benefits to Camping

Who doesn’t want to improve their health? Being outside is good for your health and wellbeing and it’s been proven by a variety of studies. For one, it gives your immune system a boost while lowering your blood pressure, decreasing stress, and improving your overall mood. It can also enhance your ability to focus.

Recovering from an injury or illness? Being outdoors can help speed up your recovery. In addition, it can improve your sleep – and you’ll need a good night’s sleep after experiencing all that this gorgeous part of the country has to offer.

2. Unplug and Enjoy Your Surroundings

You don’t have to turn off your phone but camping certainly offers the opportunity to unplug from it all. With no television to distract you, you can take in all of the surrounding sights and sounds, along with the abundance of activities offered at our family fun campground.

Go exploring, take a hike, and rediscover the splendor of nature that is often forgotten and lost in our technology-crazed world.

Just think about it- would you rather spend your vacation looking at 4 white hotel walls, or peeking outside your tent at the glorious world and all of its opportunity?

3. Enjoy a Campfire

There’s nothing like the smell of a real campfire. Sitting around the natural warmth of a fire is so much better than cranking up the heater in a hotel room. Plus, you can make S’mores over the fire while telling ghostly tales below the bright shining stars above.

4. Make Unique Memories

Doing something new and exciting builds bonds with the people you are with – be it family, friends, or your significant other. Hotels tend to feel the same no matter what you are staying, but camping offers a unique experience everywhere you go.

Plus, you never know what to expect when staying outdoors, and there’s excitement in that. On the other hand, staying in a hotel is rather predictable and a bit boring.

In addition, camping gives you more quality time to spend with your family. No need to stay in separate rooms or search a massive hotel for your loved ones who might be spread out all over. Our campground is set up so that your family can spend more quality time together partaking in a range of fun activities.

5. Get Closer to Nature

Staying in a hotel means making a conscious effort to get close to nature. Sure, you’ll be in touch with nature when you visit Niagara Falls, but what about after you leave the park? Camping gives you the opportunity to remain in nature throughout your journey.

6. Save Money

The nightly fee you’ll pay to camp at most campgrounds doesn’t even come close to the cost of staying at a hotel for the night. Saving money on one part of your trip allows you to splurge more in other areas… like having lots of fun!

Just because you’re saving money doesn’t mean you’ll be uncomfortable or lacking in terms of convenient facilities. At Campark, you have access to hot showers, bathrooms, swimming pools, restaurants, shops and all of the other comforts you’d find at a hotel.