Camping for Non Campers

Camping for Non Campers

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Camping is a fun activity for everyone. Some people have never experienced what it is like to go on a camping trip. Many people are passionate about camping; however, some may not know the essentials about camping. The list provides basic tips for non – campers to enjoy and experience camping.

Tips for Camping

  • Comfortably Sleeping On the Ground: Non-campers can use sleeping bags with portable camping cots or air mattresses in their camping tents while sleeping with extra blankets.
  • Dealing with Bugs at Camp: Bugs generally create a nuisance and cause itchiness in the body due to bug bites. Campark advises non – campers to take herbal bug spray or their favourite bug relief spray to deal with bugs and other insects during the camping trip. Mosquito coils, lanterns, and citronella candles are also handy in keeping them away.
  • Dealing with Weather Conditions: Campark advises non – campers to check weather conditions before they plan a camping trip. This helps to carry clothes as per the weather expected at the camping site. Always carry an extra set of clothes for the camping trip. It can rain or become windy during the camping trip in a particular location.
  • Restrooms in Camps: Customers can carry air fresheners and hand sanitizers to sanitize public washrooms before they use them. This way sanitization becomes simple and easy, and it allows maintaining proper hygiene while using these toilets.
  • Maintain Hygiene on Camping Grounds: Not all camping grounds are well maintained or hygienic but Campark is! Campers should maintain hygiene and cleanliness as they set up a camp on the camping site.
  • Dealing with Wild Animals and Woodland Creatures: If campers are camping at a natural site which is home to wildlife, they must take precautions where they shouldn’t disturb the natural surrounding for the wildlife. This helps non-campers to enjoy the camping experience to the fullest by using these tips provided by Campark.
  • Create a Meal Plan for Camping: Everyone who is planning a camping trip must develop an effective meal plan by getting all cooking supplies and cooking utensils to prepare food to enjoy with friends.
  • Carry Essentials in A Bag: It is essential to carry all kinds of medicines, mosquito repellants, and torch lights in a bag which comes in handy at the time of need.
  • Buy Good Sleeping Gear: Camping can be fun if non-campers can carry effective sleeping gear to get proper sleep post camping activities.
  • Capturing Memories: At Campark, customers can create memories which last for a lifetime. They can capture such memories and get featured in the photo gallery of the website, whenever customers share their testimonials about the camping experience at Campark.


Campark believes in creating the best camping experience for customers who want to enjoy the scenic beauty of Niagara Falls. It offers beautiful landscapes which have become a camping destination for families. This camping destination is located at a distance of five kilometers (three miles) away from the famous waterfall. It offers an entertainment area to customers who want to enjoy this beautiful destination. It offers various camping activities and friendly staff who support campers to enjoy such activities to the fullest. Some of the popular activities provided by Campark are an outdoor cinema, where campers can watch latest movies under the stars. Campers can enjoy karaoke fun with their friends and family. Other activities include country diner, where families can enjoy delicacies of their choice for all three meals of the day. Campark provides a shuttle service to view Niagara Falls which is a popular tourist attraction near this camping site.