Canadian Vs. American Side of Niagara Falls – Which Side Offers Better Views of the Falls?

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Campark offers camping near Niagara Falls on the Canadian side of the border. Of course, since the Falls spans two different countries it can be seen from both Canada and America. This causes many people to question if the Canadian vs. American side of Niagara Falls offers a better view? Perhaps we are partial, but the general assessment is that the Canadian side of the Falls offers the most spectacular views. Plus, it is more built up to accommodate the hordes of people who travel from near and far to see the Falls from this side of the border.

That’s not to say the American side doesn’t offer some breathtaking views of the gorgeous natural creation. We often recommend taking the opportunity to check out the Falls from both sides of the border – just don’t forget your passport!

To help you better plan your Niagara Falls vacation, here’s some more information about the Canadian vs American side of the Falls.

Canadian Vs. American Side of Niagara Falls: The American Side of the Falls

You’ll find the American side of the Falls in Western New York. From this vantage point you can check out all three of the falls – Horseshoe Falls, American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls. There are some paid excursions that give you the chance to see the Falls from multiple angles, but without payment you’ll simply see the top down or profile of the Falls.

If you pay for the excursions, you will get to see the Falls in all of its glory – you could even get sprayed by the water pouring over Bridal Veil Falls. The walking paths are home to some historic relics as well, such as a statue of Nikola Tesla located on Goat Island.

While still busy, the American side tends to be quieter because less people venture to this part of the Falls. Due to the popularity of the Canadian side, it’s much more built up on our side of the border. The American side maintains more of a park-like feel, although you can see the built-up nature of Canada from this side of the border.

Canadian Vs. American Side of Niagara Falls: The Canadian Side of the Falls

Looking for striking panoramic views of the American Falls as well as the epic Horseshoe Falls? The Canadian side is where you’ll get to soak all of this in, and more. This side of the Falls is more glammed up and ready for show, hence why it tends to be a lot more crowded than the American side of the Falls.

On the American side, you can pay to get to the base of American and Bridal Veil Falls, and on the Canadian side you can get up close and personal with the banks of the Horseshoe Falls. You can see the full scope of power coming off of the Horseshoe Falls by venturing to established lookouts placed alongside the Niagara River – which is an incredibly site within itself. Keep in mind, you may still have to pay for some of the best views.

Aside from the Falls, there is so much to do on the Canadian side of the border, from casinos to family fun activities. Many are located right near the waterfall, while others are situated in nearby downtown.

There is a vibrant and lively feel, many compare it to Las Vegas, on the Canadian side of the Falls. That’s why we recommend camping near the Falls instead of staying at a big hotel. The Canadian side is home to many hotel options -far more than the American side, but this takes away from the point of the trip, which is to enjoy nature at its finest.

Camping, even if you stay in one of our cabins, helps the trip feel more like an adventure in nature instead of a city trip with a beautiful waterfall side show. The nature in this region is INCREDIBLE! Don’t let the lure of the bright lights and bustling city life take away from that.

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