Explore All the Activities at Campark

Explore All the Activities at Campark

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The great Niagara Falls is among the most significant natural attractions in Ontario, Canada, and provides the best atmosphere for you and your family to have the best holiday yet. Campark is situated at the heart of the Falls region, only three miles from the Falls, allowing families all over North America to experience nature like never before.

At Campark, we pride ourselves on ensuring your family has the best time without compromising safety or the opportunity to learn. Our campground provides the best environment for families and children to reconnect with the great outdoors and enjoy time together with family and friends. The campsite is surrounded by several landmarks that add to the culture of the vacation destination.

Vacations should be a time for bonding and creating memories with your family and friends. All activities provided at Campark enhance your camping experience, giving you the chance to enjoy nature and explore the region. Learning has never been this fun; we use outdoor activities to help you gain important skills and discover new areas of interest.

Fun and Engaging Activities

We have something for everyone when it comes to fun-filled activities. Campark has several playgrounds, perfect play zones that become the main attraction for all who love outdoor sports, among other activities. We have equipped our play zones with tree forts and mazes adding many cool and exciting playground activities for younger campers.

Niagara Falls is one of the main attractions which bring campers from the USA and Canada. We provide rides from the campsite to the Falls with our shuttle, which offers a comfortable ride and allows you a clear view of the landscape to and from the Falls.

Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor activities, we’ve got you covered. We have customized activities that guarantee you the time of your life. Safety is our main priority and for you and your family as you enjoy your holiday.

Outdoor Activities

The hot holiday summer sun creates the perfect atmosphere for you to experience the splash zones and water zones, as well as a heated pool and hot tub to enjoy, giving everyone a chance to cool down after a long day under the sun. We supervise each activity ensure the safety for children and adults, allowing each to time to enjoy activities the abundance of activities.

Campark is quite fun for you to explore on foot, without getting exhausted, but we also offer scheduled musical hayrides that give you a better view of the entire campsite while enjoying good music.

To entertain you before you sleep after a long day of fun and games, we have an outdoor cinema session to relax and ease you into the evening mood.

Indoor Activities

For the campers who like unravelling mysteries, we have escape rooms ready for booking anytime you feel like engaging your mind. This can be a good strategy in developing your communication and developing skills for life.

If you prefer a faster pace, we have Laser tag, which helps you socialize with other families during a spirited laser tag battle. Since all our activities are supervised, everyone can enjoy themselves.

Campark’s diner has the best meals to energize you throughout the day.

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Don’t get confused when deciding on the perfect holiday destination for your family; visit Campark and experience Niagara Falls like never before. You can book a spot to experience Ontario, Canada, in the summer and have the best time of your life. Visit our official site or call our offices today and schedule your fun and relaxing summer holiday.